Inna Bulgakova

Inna Bulgakova (1947-2014)  – the writer of detective novels, published in the USSR, Russia and abroad. Born in the city of Oryol. She graduated from the Philological Faculty of Moscow State University. Member of the Writers’ Union of Russia.

Her literary activity started in 1982 from the novel Tretii Pir (The Third Feast), the novel about the tragic way of the Russian idea through the twentieth century. Publish it has been possible only in the 90’s.

She made her debut novel The guests were arriving at the dacha in 1989 in publishing house “Soviet writer “. Novels Just do not tell anyone, “Sonya, Insomnia, Dream” (filmed in 1991), Go and Kill!, The Last Freedom, Otherwise Death, Red Doll, The Heart of the Statue, Age of Cinema, The Fortress of the Angel, Mother-and-stepmother, Benois Madonna and others, created in the genre of classical detective (under the motto Crime passionnel – French judicial term for murder of passion) – published and republished in Russia and abroad.